Prepare delicious Czech pancakes – palačinky – in your kitchen

Palačinky is a term used in the Czech republic for pancakes. However, there is big difference between those two. The traditional american pancakes are higher and smaller in diameter. The czechs prepare the dough rather thin and fry it on a pan. Palačinka can be then filled with sweet or salty filling.

American pancake

American pancake

You have to keep in mind that the preparation is more difficult as the dough is too think. It can cause the palačinka to tear. But like everything, also cooking need some practice 🙂 For the basic palačinka base you will need 2 eggs, 100 grams of flour, 0,5 liter of milk. Mix it all together and fry it for approximately 5 minutes until palačinka is brow.

Czech "palačinky"

Czech “palačinky”

The preparation is really simple. As you can probably imagine palačinky have many ways to be filled with. My favourite filling is spinach or strawberries with yogurt if I am having sweet tooth. If you still have difficulties with cooking this delicious meal, see the video below:

Why you should make smoothies at home

Smoothies are gaining popularity every day. Literally every day hundreds of bloggers publish new ideas for recipes that anyone with blender can make just in ten minutes or less. With the demand there is also offer. Smoothies and fresh juices became a profitable business. However, from my experience buying smoothies in bars can be rather expensive.

One can argue that you can have healthy drink in a smoothie bar, which of course is comfortable. Still you spend around 3-5 dollars on the drink.

On the other hand if you make smoothie at home, one can prepare those healthy drink more often for the same money. The blenders now became very affordable and can be purchased at prices starting from 30 $. Not to mention that the blender can be used for many years.

We recommend to make your own smoothies at home

We recommend to make your own smoothies at home

To conclude, it depends on your actual budget and situation, but if you have blender at home, you can just buy fresh fruits and vegetables and prepare these delicious drinks not only for yourself, but also for your family members and friends. I am sure the will love it! 🙂